Spider Repellant Nuts

Spidernuts are a natural nut originating from a deciduous tree called Aesculus hippocastanum. For a long time these nuts been known to repel spiders. Scientists haven’t been able to determine exactly why they work so effectively, but when placed strategically in a home, these nuts have been known to keep spiders out, the arachnophobics dream cure!


For the most effective use of the Spidernut, place one nut in every corner of a room. If there is an “excessive” spider population, place a Spidernut near every entry point: windows, doors, vents, etc… Replace nuts once a year for maximum effectiveness.

My Story

How the idea of using these nuts as spider repellant’s came to be:

I don’t consider myself to have arachnophobia, but at the same time, I don’t enjoy sharing my personal space with anything that has more than two legs; insects or otherwise. As a young adult, my mother suggested I get some of these “magical” nuts and put them around my room, and around the windows. I thought the idea was ludicrous, but as a good-natured son, I amused her by following through with the suggestion. To my amazement, I instantly noticed the spiders that frequented my room, were now gone. I couldn’t believe it. There was no odor, no nuisance - nothing. In fact, the color of nuts actually complimented my hard wood floors. I made a point of replacing them every year, and have not had any multiple legged visitors since.


When it comes to supplying the demand of Spidernuts, we always aim to deliver promptly (2-4 weeks) subject to shipping destination, local customs requirements, shipping logistics and supply availability. Because this is a seasonal nut, our inventory could possibly be in limited supply. We cannot guarantee they will be in supply. These nuts are usually harvested in September/October.

  • Spider nuts are a natural organic method of discouraging spiders in your home.
  • The Aesculus hippocastanum is a tree that produces the nut, which is generically called “horse-chestnut” or “conkers”.
  • The nuts are to be replaced annually to optimize possible effectiveness.
  • There are many genera of spiders. Spidernuts may not work to repel or discourage every kind of spider.
  • We give no guarantee for the performance of the nuts.
  • If you or any one in your household is allergic to spiders, spider nuts are NOT to be your primary line of defense to avoid contact with spiders.
  • Spider nuts are not to be eaten.

Although we suggest placing these nuts on the floor in the corners of each room, we advise that the placement of the nuts in an open room or accessible location is NOT recommend if you have small children or pets in the house who might pick up or put the nuts in their mouths. These nuts can be as big as a golf ball, and as small as a marble, so could potentially be a choking hazard to small curious children or pets. If you have small children or pets, place the nuts in a secure location that is not accessible to children or pets.